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Welcome to BirdWood Media!

My name is Tommy Tuer-Sipos and I am a Food Photographer and Social Media Manager. I am based out of Canmore, Alberta and primarily work with clients in the Bow Valley and surrounding areas!

We offer different services for all your needs, whether it is Photoshoots for your menu or complete Social Media Management. We want to showcase your company's menu's and everything you have to offer, displaying your unique offerings with bold and exciting looking style.

With your Social media, we will develop your online presence and take care of all scheduling, posting and strategy to leave you hands free to take care of higher level tasks or leave you with more free time for yourself!

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Social Media Management

We will create amazing content, plan and manage your social media platforms.

Mountain Hike

We take out the stress of planning and developing strategies by planning your monthly social calendar so you don't have to.

We fulfill the role of expanding your social media presence and engaging your audience!

Food Photography

Our focus is to present your chef's creations to their highest degree by creating incredibly visually appealing content.

Mountain Hike

Allow your guests to see your menu before they arrive and deliver high quality content on social media.

Leave it to us to choose the perfect angles, take the time to edit and provide you with fantastic content.

Media Content Creation

We know food isn't the only reason people visit an establishment and we want everyone to see this about your location!

Mountain Hike

Let us take the time to capture the atmosphere, your staff and the amazing qualities of your venue to leave you free to focus on your customers.

We take the guess work out of what shots to take and what will engage your audience!

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Instagram: @BirdWoodMedia

Facebook: BirdWood Media

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Mobile: 519-801-8865

drop US a message!

Give us a call, an email or even a text and we would be happy to book a meeting with you to discuss your needs and how we can help!

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